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This site provides information on the Road Usage Charge Assessment. During the 2013 Legislative session, the Legislature provided funding to the Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) “solely for the development of the business case for the transition to a road usage charge system as the basis for funding the state transportation system, from the current motor fuel tax system.”  The following activities are required as part of the business case:

  • Develop preliminary road usage charge policies that are necessary to develop the business case, as well as supporting research and data that will guide the potential application in Washington
  • Develop the preferred operational concept or concepts that reflect the preliminary policies
  • Evaluate the business case for the road usage charge system that would result from implementing the preliminary policies and preferred operational concept or concepts. The evaluation must assess likely financial outcomes if the system were to be implemented
  • Identify and document policy and other issues that are deemed important to further refine the preferred operational concept or concepts and to gain public acceptance. These identified issues should form the basis for continued work beyond this funding cycle.

Click here to view the budget proviso. (see section 205 (3) on page 10).